NOTE:  The fees outlined below are “per ton” rates.  All customers will be weighed in and out to determine their net weight.  As an example, if a customer’s loaded vehicle weighs in at 4,200 pounds (gross weight) and weighs out empty at 4,000 pounds (tare weight), their “net weight” would be 200 pounds.   Fees will be pro-rated based on the customer’s net weight.  In the above example, the customer delivered 200 pounds (one-tenth of a ton) of construction debris, so their charge would be $5.00 (0.1 tons X $50).  There is a minimum charge, which is based on 20 pounds (0.01 tons).

Category Tip Fee
Cardboard (With less than 15% contamination as verified by recycling attendant) No Charge
Clean Concrete / Brick / Dirt (Must be verified by landfill attendant)*** $30.00/Ton
Concrete/Brick/Dirt Mix $50.00/Ton
Construction / Demolition Debris*** $50.00/Ton
Color-Sorted Glass Bottles No Charge
Household Recyclables (mixed paper, plastic, glass, aluminum) No Charge
Garbage/Refuse Delivered In Cars, Pick-ups, Trucks, Or Trailers $50.00/Ton
Clean Asphalt Shingles (Must be verified by landfill attendant)*** $30.00/Ton
Shingles/Built Up Roofing Mix $50.00/Ton
Residential Yard Waste (not contaminated by trash bags or garbage) $11.00/ton
Palm Trees $25.00/Each
Commercial Yard Waste (not contaminated by trash bags or garbage) $25.00/Ton
Special Waste Tip Fee
Appliances (“White Goods”) No Charge
Asbestos (Accepted With Special Approval Only) $80.00/Ton
Household Or Lead Acid Batteries (Recycled) No Charge
Sludges (Accepted With Special Approval Only) $80.00/Ton
Tires (Disposed Of By Businesses) $75.00/Ton
Tires (Disposed Of By Homeowners – up to 5 tires/day) No Charge
Waste Oil / Antifreeze (Recycled) No Charge

*** The landfill will waive fees on the following construction, remodeling, and demolition materials if they are 100% free from contamination and are separated at the job site.  Mixed materials will not be subject to fee waivers.  Approved loads will receive a token to present to the scale house attendant that authorizes the fee waiver.

  • Gypsum wallboard (a.k.a. sheetrock or drywall.  No nylon/fiberglass mesh layers, insulation, wallpaper, furring strips, etc.)
  • Asphalt shingles (no plastic wrap, underlayment, OSB, lumber, or trash)
  • Scrap lumber and wood pallets (no laminates, painted wood, pressure-treated wood, window glass, trash, or metal with the exception of nails/staples/bolts)
  • Concrete, brick, and masonry block (no paint, rebar, ceramic tile, trash, etc.)
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