Solid Waste Hauler Franchise Agreements

Solid Waste Haulers are defined as any for-profit business whose primary service is the collection and transportation of solid waste, including municipal solid waste (MSW) and/or construction and demolition debris (C&D).

Solid Waste Haulers operating in New Hanover County are required by Chapter 44 of the Code of Ordinances to obtain a franchise agreement with New Hanover County.  The process for obtaining a franchise agreement is outlined below:

How to obtain Franchise Agreement

Franchise agreements are for private haulers whose business model is based around the collection and

transportation of solid waste. It is required for any waste hauling business that utilizes the landfill. Here

are the steps to find the process:

1.) Go to

2.) About 2/3 the way down the home page, click the blue button that says “commissioners”

3.) At the top of the next page, within a green bar, far right, click on “Polices and Ordinances”

4.) Under “Ordinances”, click on the link to “New Hanover County – Code of Ordinances”

5.) Once the page loads, scroll down the list of ordinances on the left until you get to “Chapter 44 – SOLID WASTE”

6.) Click on the link

7.) Scroll down to “Sec. 44-55. – Franchise required for solid waste collection”

8.) Read sections (a) through (p). The list of items required to be submitted for a franchise

agreement are in section (c).

9.) Once you have these documents ready, submit them to the Deputy County Attorney, Kemp

Burpeau, at

10.) For specific questions, contact Mr. Burpeau at (910) 798-7121.

Once the materials are received, they will be forwarded to county Finance and this department for review.  After being reviewed and approved, it must appear as an agenda item before the County Commissioners for two readings.  You do not need to be present for either reading.  Once approved by the Board, you will receive your franchise agreement from the County Attorney’s office.  It is good for seven (7) years.


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