Take charge of your data security

Worried about the personal data on your old computer’s hard drive falling into the wrong hands?  We have good news for you!  We have partnered with Electronic Recyclers International (ERI) because of their demonstrated ability to ensure complete data destruction.

When you drop of an old computer at the County’s Household Hazardous Waste and Electronics Waste recycling facility, it is palletized and shipped directly to ERI.  Upon receipt, the contents are bar-coded and tracked from arrival to destruction.  Employees undergo a rigorous background check and work in a monitored, secure, access-controlled facility.  All access points are controlled by metal detectors and key-card access.

The hard drives are erased and then flooded with ones and zeroes multiple times (in the case of recycled hard drives), or they are sent to a metal shredder that reduces the hard drive to mangled bits of metal.  The metal scrap is then recycled.

ERI’s Badin, North Carolina facility is an R2 and e-Steward certified facility.  To learn more, visit www.electronicrecyclers.com.

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